Private AI enters in France and uses artificial intelligence to anonymize personal data


Private AI, a Canadian provider of artificial intelligence solutions to automate the identification of personal data, is coming to France. Private AI leverages the latest natural language processing technologies to make privacy and GDPR compliance faster and more reliable. Patricia Thaine, Co-founder and CEO of Private AI says, “We realize the impossible marriage between AI and the protection of personal data.”

Private AI’s solutions stand out above all for their ease of installation, the extent of their coverage and the level of security they offer. Patricia Thaine says, “They only require three lines of code and work like a black box, allowing companies to get the most value out of their data while remaining GDPR compliant and maintaining customer trust.” Their technology identifies, deletes and replaces more than 50 types of DCP (personal data), health data and PCI (Payment Card Industry) data. They do this from unstructured data such as text, sound or video. They support 42 languages and have a success rate of 99.5%.

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User testing found that Private AI’s systems significantly outperform the technologies of market behemoths like Amazon and Google. They work directly in customers’ workflows and infrastructure; This prevents sensitive data from being shared outside their system.

Patricia Thaine says, “We are particularly excited about the acceleration of the commercialization of our solutions and our arrival on the French market. 4 years after the entry into force of the new European regulation on the protection of personal data, we offer a successful technology for a safer internet.

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