Alfa Choses VOX Solutions for International A2P SMS and OTP VOICE traffic gateway control and optimization

VOX Solutions

Alfa TelecomLebanon’s first and leading mobile operator, announces that it has inked a 3-year exclusive interworking agreement with VOX Solutions to ensure higher protection and enhanced control over the entry and delivery of A2P SMS and OTP voice traffic within its network, further reinforcing its ongoing risk mitigation and anti-fraud efforts.

This strategic alliance between Vox Solutions and Lebanon’s Alfa marks an exclusive direct connectivity partnership. It empowers Alfa to leverage the advanced expertise and capabilities of the multi-globally awarded VOX-360 platform in A2P Voice and SMS traffic monetization to ensure the highest protection to its network not only from messaging bypass, but also from future voice and Flash Calls fraudulent activities, including critical communications like one-time passwords and customer notifications.

Lebanon’s Alfa CEO and Chairman, Jad Nassif, welcomed yet another milestone in Alfa’s ongoing fraud risk management strategy. “This is at the centre of our attention as we constantly seek to diversify our risk management portfolio with fraud attempts being continuously on the rise globally”, Nassif said. He assured that “this strategic partnership with Vox solutions will help make Alfa network more secure against the increasing menace of A2P Voice (flash calling) volumes, A2P messages spam and Artificial Inflated Traffic (AIT) which will further lower risks for our 2M+ individual and corporate customers and optimize our network resources to ensure higher traffic monetization”.

Nassif emphasized that Alfa attains the highest global standards of network security and anti-fraud measures. “We are certain that the Vox -360 solution will make a great addition to our portfolio, further solidifying our commitment and path to offering the highest benchmarks of fraud prevention, service quality, and value creation for our customers”, he said.

Fraud presents an increasingly pressing issue for mobile operators. VOX-360 platform stands as a distinctive end-to-end solution in the market due to its features related to anti-fraud, flash call authentication, A2P SMS monetization and mobile identity. It empowers mobile operators to identify and prevent spam, along with blocking fraudulent traffic proactively, safeguarding end users from potential impacts. AIT inflates traffic volumes, which not only drives up enterprise costs but also reduces revenues for mobile network operators (MNOs). VOX-360 ranks among the foremost solutions in the industry for tackling this mounting challenge.

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VOX Solutions’ CEO, Ehsan Ahmadi, conveys his determination to address these challenges. “Our primary goal is to assist mobile providers like Alfa in achieving consistent revenue growth and fostering innovation. We are enthusiastic about confronting significant challenges such as increasing flash calling volumes, message spam and AIT. We consider it an honor to undertake this mission and stand steadfast in aiding our partners in reaching their business objectives. This initiative represents a pivotal milestone toward enhancing communication experiences and sustaining ongoing success.”

By strengthening their commitment to driving transformation and innovation in mobile communications, this partnership underscores VOX Solutions’ dedication to providing telecom operators and enterprises with top-tier strategies, cutting-edge technology, valuable data, training resources, and a team of experienced professionals. This substantial step enhances their unwavering efforts to combat fraudulent traffic.

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