Privitar Unveils the Takeover of Kormoon, Expanding its Data Privacy and Provisioning Capabilities to Promote the Scaled Automation of Data Compliance Requirements


Privitar, the leader in modern data provisioning, today announced it has acquired Kormoon, a software platform that helps organizations manage the complexities of data privacy regulations by analyzing data usage, assessing risk, and automating compliance. Kormoon’s powerful technology will be used to extend the functionality of Privitar’s market-leading data privacy and provisioning offerings, adding new capabilities to quickly enable organizations to understand and comply with the rules governing data.

“Using data in a lawful and compliant way is often complicated, slow, and expensive. Navigating the complex web of data privacy, data sovereignty, and industry-specific regulations is incredibly challenging,” said Jason du Preez, CEO and co-founder of Privitar. “With the acquisition of Kormoon, Privitar is reinforcing our commitment to helping organizations use all of their data safely, ethically, and in a compliant manner. Kormoon makes navigating data compliance incredibly simple. By combining Kormoon with Privitar’s world-class data privacy and modern data provisioning solutions, we are enabling data executives to streamline and automate compliance to ever-changing privacy rules and regulations.”

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Kormoon calculates, communicates, and automates the steps to comply with relevant data rules including data privacy and protection, data localization, and cross-border transfer requirements. These include data compliance rules and requirements from around the world including Europe’s GDPR, Brazil’s LGPD, USA’s HIPAA and CCPA, and also new and emerging laws in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, India, and beyond. Combining powerful automation technology and inputs from expert advisors to assess an organization’s level of risk, the Kormoon solution provides a simplified workflow to ensure requirements are met. Kormoon’s prescriptive guidance makes it simple for users to provide details about the data an organization collects, where they collect, access, and use it, and the data’s purpose, then recommends clear steps and actions for achieving data compliance.

“Kormoon’s platform aims to improve time and cost efficiency of providing data privacy and protection advice to businesses worldwide. We help organizations understand and keep on top of data compliance rules by providing them with a simple workflow, access to regularly updated knowledge, and a cost-effective way to understand what it is that they need to do,” said Paul McCormack, founder of Kormoon. “By uniting with Privitar, we are empowering organizations with a one-stop-shop that ensures that their data is safe, compliant, and accessible for decision making.”

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