Professional Personnel Service, Inc., and its affiliated companies d/b/a Luttrell Staffing Group (“Luttrell Staffing“) is providing notice of an event that may impact the security of information related to current and former employees and associates. While there is no evidence of any attempted or actual misuse of this information, Luttrell Staffing is providing individuals potentially impacted by this event with information about the event, its response, and the steps these individuals may take to further protect their information against identity theft and fraud, should they feel it necessary to do so.

What Happened?  On June 14, 2021Luttrell Staffing became aware that certain files on its computer system were encrypted with malware by an unknown actor. Luttrell Staffing promptly took steps to secure the impacted systems and its network and launched an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the event.  The investigation determined that an unauthorized actor gained access to certain Luttrell Staffing systems between June 10, 2021 and June 23, 2021.  As a result, the unauthorized actor may have had access to certain files within these systems and certain current and former employee and associate information may have been accessed or acquired by the unauthorized actor.

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What Information Was Involved?  Although the investigation was able to determine that certain Luttrell Staffing systems were accessed, it was unable to confirm what specific information was actually accessed.  Therefore, Luttrell Staffing began a comprehensive review of the impacted files out of an abundance of caution to determine what information was present at the time of the incident.  Luttrell Staffing is notifying individuals now because on or about December 27, 2021, this review determined that certain information related to current and may have been impacted.  This information includes names, dates of birth, Social Security number, government-issued identification number, financial account information, credit or debit card information, biometric information and/or medical and health insurance information.

What Luttrell Staffing is Doing.  The privacy and security of information is among Luttrell Staffing’s highest priorities and we take this incident very seriously. Luttrell Staffing is reviewing its security policies and procedures, as well as working with cybersecurity specialists, to reduce the risk of this happening in the future and implemented additional measures and security tools to further protect information in its systems.  Luttrell Staffing is also working to provide additional training to employees regarding data privacy and security. Luttrell Staffing is also offering complimentary credit monitoring services to affected individuals and reported this incident to federal law enforcement.

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