Protecto and Snowflake Strengthen Alliance for Advanced Data Privacy and Governance

Protecto and Snowflake Strengthen Alliance for Advanced Data Privacy and Governance-01

Protecto brings artificial intelligence and privacy engineering to Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, so that joint customers can identify data protection issues before data breaches and customer trust violations occur. Data is the backbone of today’s businesses, but it is becoming increasingly vulnerable to security breaches, privacy violations, and consumer information theft. Manual processes and compliance checks can’t protect today’s complex data environments. With Protecto and Snowflake’s expanded partnership, Protecto’s platform provides visibility and identifies data protection vulnerabilities without compromising the speed and agility of Snowflake’s platform.

“The world is evolving to be privacy-first and zero-trust security. As a result, companies expect data security and privacy as part of their data stack,” said Protecto Founder and CEO Amar Kanagaraj. “We’re introducing Data Posture Intelligence, a technology multiple steps ahead of the competition to deliver data protection in minutes.”

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Protecto automates data privacy, security, and governance audit to deliver results in minutes. The solution provides insights on data posture in a single pane, providing the following benefits for joint Protecto and Snowflake customers:

  • Discover personal data across Snowflake instances
  • Audit user permissions to find who has access to sensitive data and identify inactive users
  • Monitor user activities for privacy risks
  • Identify open, overexposed, and stale unused data

“Cloud data platforms such as Snowflake give us enormous scalability and agility,” said Venkat Gopalan, Chief Data Officer of Belcorp. “With Protecto and Snowflake’s partnership, we have tighter control over our data security and privacy. Products like Protecto give us granular visibility over data protection across our Snowflake Data Cloud.”

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