Public Cloud Becomes the Safest Place for Enterprise Data with Edgeless Systems’ New Platform for Confidential Computing

Public Cloud Becomes the Safest Place for Enterprise Data with Edgeless Systems' New Platform for Confidential Computing-01

 Edgeless Systems, a pioneering Confidential Computing company that is turning the public cloud into the safest place for sensitive data, today announced the launch of Constellation, the confidential orchestration platform for Kubernetes. Constellation leverages Confidential Computing to isolate and runtime-encrypt entire Kubernetes deployments, finally allowing enterprises to use the public cloud like their private cloud.

“Confidential Computing will usher in a new era of securing data in the cloud. With our unique expertise, we are making this new technology accessible to enterprises at scale,” said Felix Schuster, a Confidential Computing pioneer and co-founder and CEO at Edgeless Systems. “Processing data that is always encrypted – not only at rest and in transit, but also while in use – is a difficult task. Constellation makes the promise a reality and enables companies to turn the public into their private cloud.”

Moving workloads to the public cloud has many proven benefits but raises major compliance and data security concerns. It is impossible to know who has access to your data in a cloud environment; it could be compromised by hackers or malicious insiders. Unfortunately, data leaks and compliance violations are realities associated with cloud transformation.

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While Confidential Computing has emerged to address these concerns, it has until now been difficult to implement by companies at scale. Constellation, the enterprise-grade confidential orchestration platform from Edgeless Systems, removes complexities and tasks for developers who no longer have to deal with verification or attestation of Confidential VMs and workloads, secure connections, key management or data encryption.

Constellation leverages the latest Confidential Computing technology to make containerized workloads in the public cloud end-to-end encrypted and verifiable. With Constellation’s easy-to-use tooling, anyone can lift and shift existing Kubernetes deployments to unprecedented levels of security without changing tools or code.

“Confidential computing is becoming the new security paradigm for handling sensitive information in the cloud. This is very relevant for financial services and other industries,” said Andreas Iten, Managing Director at SIX FinTech Ventures, the investment branch of the Swiss Stock Exchange. “Therefore, we have decided to invest into Edgeless Systems who possess unique expertise in the field and are now – with Constellation – empowering easy adoption at scale.”

Constellation runs on any cloud environment that features AMD’s Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV). This includes all major infrastructure providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

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