Pure Storage and VMware Collaborate on Pure Validated Design to Accelerate Adoption of Modern Applications and Infrastructure

Pure Storage and VMware Collaborate on Pure Validated Design to Accelerate Adoption of Modern Applications and Infrastructure-01

Pure Storage® , the IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world, today announced the release of a new Pure Validated Design (PVD) in collaboration with VMware to provide mutual customers with a complete, full-stack solution for deploying mission-critical, data rich workloads in production on VMware Tanzu. The latest PVD provides a comprehensive architecture, including design considerations and deployment best practices, that customers can use to enable their stateful applications like databases, search, streaming, and AI/machine learning apps running on VMware Tanzu to have access to the critical container-granular storage and data management provided by Portworx.

Today’s businesses are prioritizing the modernization of core applications and infrastructure to fuel business agility, and are doing so by adopting containers and Kubernetes for their applications and leveraging solutions like VMware Tanzu for their infrastructure.

While VMware Tanzu allows organizations to use their existing investments in infrastructure to run enterprise-grade Kubernetes inside their own data centers, enabling organizations to build, run, and manage modern applications, Portworx by Pure Storage provides the critical layer of persistent storage and data management needed to run stateful applications more securely and effectively, offering features including replication and higher availability, greater security and encryption, capacity management, disaster recovery, and data protection.

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The latest PVD highlights the benefits of using Portworx with both Tanzu Data Services and applications deployed on Tanzu. The four most common use cases to help administrators deploy and operate a robust Kubernetes stack include:

  • Kubernetes Storage and Data Management for VMware Tanzu: Portworx Enterprise provides cloud-native storage and data management for VMware Tanzu, including features like replication and higher availability, encryption and role based access controls, class of service, automated capacity management and auto-scaling.
  • Data Protection for VMware Tanzu: Portworx PX-Backup provides a Kubernetes backup and restoration solution for applications running on VMware Tanzu.
  • Disaster Recovery for VMware Tanzu: To enable customers to build disaster recovery solutions for their apps running on VMware Tanzu, PX-DR provides synchronous and asynchronous replication capabilities to enable that cloud native applications to have the resiliency needed to meet predefined service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Tanzu Data Services and Portworx: Portworx Enterprise, PX-DR, and PX-Backup provide a consistent storage and data management solution that can be used to enhance operational capabilities for multiple VMware Tanzu Data Services.

Regardless of whether an organization chooses to run their VMware Tanzu clusters on premises or in the public cloud, they can still rely on Portworx to provide the same set of storage and data services for their Tanzu applications.

“Organizations building modern applications need a modern platform and cloud-native storage that can run anywhere – whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. We are pleased to partner closely with Portworx by Pure Storage on a validated design to provide organizations running applications on VMware Tanzu with robust Kubernetes-native storage. Together, we will continue to support our customers through their next phase of growth and their transformation journeys.” — Ajay Patel, SVP, GM, Modern Applications & Management, VMware.

“We’re excited to be offering organizations a proven architecture to support and accelerate the adoption of modern applications and Kubernetes. The value of using both VMware and Portworx seamlessly together will be paramount in helping organizations achieve business continuity, while also ensuring that they get the best performance and reliability for their mission-critical applications deployed on Tanzu.” — Murli Thirumale, VP, GM Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage.

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