Parasoft Release Delivers New Level of Visibility Into Identifying API Security Vulnerabilities

Parasoft Release Delivers New Level of Visibility Into Identifying API Security Vulnerabilities

Parasoft, a global leader in automated software testing for over 30 years, today announced the 2021.2 release of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, CTP, and DTP, core API testing components of the Parasoft Continuous Quality Platform, will be available October 12, 2021.

The intelligent automated testing and quality platform empowers teams to overcome software quality challenges and achieve continuous delivery at speed. A proud sponsor of STARWEST Virtual, join Parasoft’s session, A Winning Strategy: Optimize Test Automation With CI/CD & Virtualization, on October 6 at 1:30 p.m. PDT.

API security testing is the key focus of this Parasoft release and shifts security testing into developer workflows for an API testing strategy that spans from development through test to AppSec. The API testing platform extends penetration testing and offers a new level of visibility by combining Parasoft SOAtest’s seamless dynamic application security testing (DAST) and smart test generation with OWASP ZAP to identify security vulnerabilities in APIs.

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“API security testing is gaining increased visibility in many enterprise applications, as organizations strive to protect their users and ensure that their software is secure,” said Kevin Greene, director of security solutions at Parasoft.

The intelligent automated testing and quality platform gives teams the ability to create, deploy, and manage virtual test environments without limits at any time from any place with service virtualization—improving team efficiency, software quality, and achieving continuous delivery at speed.

Teams can simulate APIs and services to produce realistic requests and responses so that application testing can continue even when live dependencies aren’t available. Learn more about testing virtually without limits.

“With continuous software delivery growing in importance, enterprise companies can look to Parasoft as a partner and advisor for achieving their quality, reliability, and ROI goals,” said Matt Klassen, vice president of marketing at Parasoft.

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