Pydio Cell 3.0 Ends the Compromise Between Usability and Security

Pydio Cell 3.0 Ends the Compromise Between Usability and Security-01

This week, Pydio released version 3.0 of its Pydio Cells document sharing and collaboration platform with a new flat datasource architecture and enhancements all through its core to deliver a product that ends the compromise between useability and security.

The common wisdom in the industry is that you can have document sharing and collaboration software that is easy for end-users to work with, or you can have secure document sharing. This trade-off has simply been accepted practice. But at Pydio we’ve never believed that security has to come at the cost of useability. And over the years we’ve been refining our Pydio platform with the objective of providing the most secure self-hosted platform available while making that security all but invisible to end-users.

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“This update is an important moment for Pydio and for Pydio Cells users,” says Pydio CEO Charles du Jeu“From our earliest days as an open-source solution, we’ve been developing a platform that balances user experience with security, admin, and compliance. And with the launch of version 3.0 of Pydio Cells, we’ve taken another major step to ensure enterprise clients don’t have to compromise on user experience for sharing and collaboration just to meet their security and compliance objectives.”

New Data Architecture for Enterprise Scalability
Pydio Cells 3.0 implements a new data architecture that dramatically improves overall data access speeds. It also rethinks the microservices deep in the core of the code to help streamline security implementations, supercharge searchability via new metadata, and make compliance monitoring and reporting easier. With Pydio Cells 3.0, the platform is now more user-friendly and more ready than ever to take on large enterprise deployments

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