Qualys & Cowbell Strengthen Partnership To Continuously Assess Risk For Adaptive Cyber Insurance

Qualys & Cowbell Strengthen Partnership To Continuously Assess Risk For Adaptive Cyber Insurance

Qualys, Inc., a pioneer and leading provider of disruptive cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions, and Cowbell, a leading provider of cyber insurance today announced they are expanding their partnership, adding a real-time attack surface intelligence feed from Qualys’ External Attack Surface Management (EASM) to assess customer cyber risk for cyber insurance purposes.

An ideal way to assess an organization’s cyber preparedness is to combine the inside-out with an outside-in attacker view of the entire attack surface. Qualys EASM leverages the Qualys Cloud Platform to discover the entire attack surface including third-party data and internet-facing unknown assets, domains, sub-domains, M&A, and subsidiaries assets including installed applications. It then overlays business and risk context to establish asset criticality and TruRisk score. Additionally, it identifies unauthorized, end-of-life and end-of-service software, the absence of required security tools, and assesses the health of the attack surface.

Through this partnership, Cowbell will leverage Qualys EASM data, enriching the current library of scanners used by Cowbell for risk assessment. At the same time, External Attack Surface assessment showing attack surface risks, vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations and comprehensive cyber risk posture will be available to customers seeking standalone cyber insurance coverage through Cowbell. Additionally, Cowbell policyholders can activate built-in connectors for VMDR, Compliance and Container Security via the Cowbell platform and become eligible for premium credits.

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“Our collaboration with Cowbell brings additional innovation to the cyber insurance industry,” said Pinkesh Shah, chief product officer, Qualys. “By leveraging high accuracy and comprehensive security signals from Qualys EASM, cyber insurance companies like Cowbell can assess the risk posture for any organization in real time, which could reduce payouts and reward clients by optimizing their cyber insurance premiums.”

“Cowbell is at the forefront of cyber insurance innovation, and we’re constantly looking for ways to provide high fidelity and continuous assessment of policyholders’ cybersecurity posture to reduce their risk exposure,” said Rajeev Gupta, co-founder and CPO at Cowbell. “The partnership with Qualys further strengthens our ability to assess risk for insurance purposes and close the insurability gaps for many organizations seeking financial protection through insurance.”

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