RackTop Systems Collaborates With Merative to Help Secure Patient Data and Reduce Cyber Risk Across Healthcare


RackTop Systems, a leading provider of cyberstorage solutions which actively defend against ransomware and insider threats, today announced a new partnership with Merative, a data, analytics and software products partner for the health and government social services industry. This partnership integrates RackTop’s innovative BrickStor SP cyberstorage product, the only software-defined primary data storage solution that can actively defend against ransomware in real time, into the Merative Merge enterprise imaging solution stack to further minimize cyber risk, combat ransomware, and help preserve patient safety and privacy. When combined, RackTop and Merative will offer a unique medical imaging and security offering that operates within a data-centric Zero Trust architecture for end-to-end protection of critical healthcare data assets.

“This partnership marks an important step for reducing cyber risk across the healthcare sector at large,” said Jonathan Halstuch CTO and Co-Founder of RackTop Systems. “With the volume and velocity of healthcare-related cyberattacks continuing to accelerate, organizations must be able to actively defend their unstructured data from theft, sabotage, and insider threats. By joining forces with Merative, we can expand the health industry’s access to cyberstorage solutions so that more enterprises have the tools they need to fight back against ransomware.”

Ransomware attacks against the health sector nearly doubled in 2021, highlighting the immediate need for the health industry to implement proactive data management measures that reduce risk, streamline compliance, and build cyber resiliency. With the added capabilities afforded by RackTop’s BrickStor SP, new and existing Merative clients can leverage innovative data-centric Zero Trust security principles to better safeguard their high-value medical imaging files, such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans, from ransomware attacks that pose significant threats to patient safety.

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“We’ve heard from our clients that centralizing and securing their imaging data is a top priority amid the rampant rise in ransomware,” Alok Gupta, General Manager Imaging at Merative said. “Our partnership with RackTop will enable us to pair our industry-leading VNA with RackTop’s industry-leading BrickStor Security Platform, to create a more secure longitudinal repository of imaging data with zero trust security.”

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