Rafay Introduces Paralus, an Open-Source Tool to Manage Secure Access to Kubernetes

Rafay Introduces Paralus_ an Open-Source Tool to Manage Secure Access to Kubernetes-01

Rafay Systems, the leading platform provider for Kubernetes Operations, today launched a new open-source software project named Paralusto enable secure, audited access for developers, operations, SREs and CI/CD tools to remote Kubernetes (K8s) clusters.

Paralus offers access management for developers, architects, and CI/CD tools to remote K8s clusters by consolidating zero-trust access principles such as transaction level authentication and authorization into a single open-source tool. It helps engineering and architecture teams streamline access control for their fleet of K8s clusters spanning different operating environments, different public clouds and K8s distributions, and on-premises data centers operating behind firewalls.

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The inability to secure K8s infrastructure is a growing problem for organizations. In May 2022, a non-profit security organization named The Shadowserver Foundation scanned more than 450,000 systems hosting K8s and found more than 380,000 (84 percent) of these systems were accessible via the Internet, potentially providing an opening into a corporate network. In fact, the data shows that the majority of K8s API servers are found in the United States (nearly 53 percent). Per Shadowserver, “Enterprises using a K8s API server that is accessible should implement authorization for access or block it at the firewall to reduce the attack surface.”

Paralus addresses this security issue by providing a frictionless way for developers and architects to leverage open-source software that uses zero-trust principles to secure access to all K8s environments and harden security practices for cloud-native applications. To learn more about Paralus or contribute to the open-source project, visit the resources below:

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