RBN Insurance Services and RealCISO.io Announce Cybersecurity Partnership

RBN Insurance Services and RealCISO.io Announce Cybersecurity Partnership

RealCISO.io, a self-service cybersecurity risk assessment platform and security services marketplace, is pleased to announce a partnership with Chicago-based independent insurance brokerage RBN Insurance Services.

Through the partnership, RBN customers will be able to conduct their own cybersecurity risk assessments, understand and prioritize their gaps, and find products and services to fill their needs.

“Every organization is grappling with cybersecurity risk. It should all begin with a solid understanding of where your organization stands and what a roadmap to becoming more secure looks like.

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From do-it-yourself to we do it for you, RealCISO helps in this journey,” said Akash Desai, co-founder and CRO of RealCISO. “We are thrilled with our partnership with RBN. Collectively, both our organizations want to help our customers reduce and insure against business risk.”

The RBN – RealCISO partnership gives businesses the tools to grow revenues by achieving compliance faster and demonstrating solid security to customers. It also helps business leaders spend wisely on security by highlighting which initiatives have the potential to drive the greatest impact.

“The ability to assess and prioritize areas of vulnerability is an essential component of a sound risk management strategy. RealCISO’s platform helps companies to evaluate their risk profile and get concrete recommendations about how to improve. We’re excited to make this expertise available to our clients,” said Adon Navarette, RBN’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

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