Reco Pioneers Organizations To Address SaaS Data Security Challenges

Reco Pioneers Organizations To Address SaaS Data Security Challenges

Reco is pioneering a new approach to SaaS data security driven by interaction-based analytics, the company announced today. With organizations maintaining an average of over 125 SaaS applications, the need to address security and regulatory concerns for their sensitive data is clear. Data is flowing in and out of these applications, but most organizations lack full visibility or control over it.

Unlike traditional data loss prevention (DLP) tools, Reco provides a unified SaaS data security solution that automatically discovers sensitive information in unstructured environments and analyzes both users and data to quickly assess risk. Reco automates the ability to map and classify data, analyze users’ activities and interactions with context between the sensitive data and users involved, reducing risk for their sensitive data. Without these protections in place IT and security teams cannot mitigate external threats or internal insider risks, from accessing sensitive SaaS data, nor can they address or satisfy compliance/regulations for their SaaS data.

The Reco solution is able to execute these data processes with a very high degree of confidence and can continuously do so across all the critical SaaS applications being used. Reco is the only solution on the market currently that can fully address the lack of visibility and control over sensitive data traversing these SaaS apps.

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Since coming out of stealth mode, Reco continues to rapidly develop and deploy SaaS data security capabilities, including:

  • Adding support and protection for key SaaS applications – including Slack, GitHub, SFDC, O365 and Google Worksuite.
  • Multi-layered classification of sensitive SaaS data: Reco can identify sensitive data in an unstructured environment with an 85%+ confidence rating in a matter of hours or less, without requiring payload inspection.
  • Connect and gain insights in a matter of minutes, making it easier for companies to identify data at risk and act based on configuration settings, users involved and level of data sensitivity.
  • Building of integrations to leverage existing remediation tools and workflows, including Palo Alto XSOAR, Torq, BlinkOps and Okta.

Dror Havlin, CISO, SolarEdge, said:”Prior to our work with Reco, our team was experiencing thousands of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) alerts – making it nearly impossible to filter out real threats from false positives. Reco can provide context around sensitive data found, automatically filtering out false positives. This has allowed our security team to identify, interpret and determine the best way to respond to potential SaaS data threats while saving both time and resources.”

Ofer Klein, CEO, Reco, said:”SaaS applications are essential to doing business, but organizations can’t sacrifice security for efficiency. By applying business context with interaction-based analytics, Reco can assess risk based upon the user, the activity of the user and the sensitive data involved. It’s not just a single input; all three come together to identify risky behavior and mitigate risks before damage can be done.”

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