Red Cell Partners Releases DEFCON AI

Red Cell

Red Cell Partners (“Red Cell”), an incubation firm building rapidly-scalable, technology-led companies that are bringing revolutionary advancements to market in national security and healthcare, announced the incorporation of DEFCON AI. DEFCON AI is a high-growth software company building tools to model and simulate complex scenarios to provide operationally-relevant insights to empower data-driven decision making. The company’s initial focus will center on the modern military logistics environment beginning with redefining how defense leaders train and prepare for mobility and logistics operations in contested environments.

DEFCON AI is co-founded by Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General (retired) Paul Selva, an Operating Partner at Red Cell and DEFCON AI’s Chief Strategy Officer, Grant Verstandig, Red Cell’s CEO, and the Executive Chairman of DEFCON AI, and Yisroel Brumer, PhD, Red Cell’s President, and the CEO of DEFCON AI.

The DEFCON AI co-founders are united by a shared mission to develop powerful technology that will augment partners’ abilities to make decisions and problem solve in complex, real-world scenarios. In its initial design, DEFCON AI will target the operational-level decision maker, helping them move resources faster, better, and safer under a variety of conditions.

In recent history, global supply chain challenges stemming from weather, war, and the pandemic have plagued industries indiscriminately. At its inception, DEFCON AI is building a dynamic environment to test and deploy operational concepts that will shape the training of command-and-control leaders and by implication –deployed teams on the forward edge. Ultimately, the team believes that an adaptive and resilient AI environment that allows for complex training, planning, and execution in an increasingly unstable and uncertain world will be a critical tool for leaders and organizations looking to better predict, prepare, and respond to the logistics challenges of today.

The Honorable Dr. Mark T. Esper, the 27th Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of Red Cell’s National Security Practice will be an inaugural member of the DEFCON AI Board of Directors. He commented, “fast-tracking innovative technologies is more important than ever in this new era of great power competition. If the U.S. military is going to modernize and maintain its overmatch against China and Russia in the years ahead, then there needs to be a much different and better relationship between the Pentagon and the most innovative sectors of our economy. Red Cell intends to play a major role in that transformation, and DEFCON AI is an important step forward as it works to narrow a critical defense gap.”

“There is a massive unmet need in the national security space to provide senior leaders with the necessary software, AI, and advanced analytics for testing, training, and preparing for future disruptions and conflicts. We are also consistently seeing that today’s commercial supply chain networks are not adequately resilient in the face of systemic global disruptions. We conceptualized DEFCON AI, a software platform that will merge next-generation modeling and simulation with AI-driven intelligent agents, to comprehensively address this gap,” commented Red Cell President and DEFCON AI CEO Yisroel Brumer. “Our platforms will enable defense and commercial customers to explore new employment concepts to learn downstream decision impacts in areas such as global mobility, maintenance, and hazard planning.”

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General (retired) Paul Selva, DEFCON AI’s Chief Strategy Officer and the former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and commander of US Transportation Command said, “modeling and simulation in the defense world is one of the most critical and pressing challenges facing the DoD today. I have witnessed first-hand the impact of logistics and supply chain disruptions and believe that the Red Cell team is uniquely suited to build and develop software for addressing these sophisticated problems in the real world. Human reactions in the face of uncertainty are directly correlated to repetition and complexity of training. Enabling today’s warfighters and commercial operators to do this in a simulated environment with verisimilitude to reality, we will better train the people in the field and in doing so, reshape response planning in contested and disrupted environments.”

Red Cell CEO and Executive Chairman of DEFCON AI, Grant Verstandig commented, “the US has not operated in a contested mobility environment since the advent of near peer competition – most certainly we are engaging in and will have to operate in highly contested environments in the future. Building solutions for these complex problems requires not only the world’s finest software engineering talent, but also the highest military insight available. Red Cell’s deep bench of AI talent has proven itself time and again and I am beyond honored to call General Selva a co-founder and partner– he is as deep a thinker on military and mobility issues as exists on the planet. I could not be more excited to.

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