Redlegg Launches Identity Access Management Services Practice – AOH


Technology company AOH is coming out full throttle with Cloud Identity Access Management Services focused on Customer IAM, Workforce IAM, Azure Cloud Security & Identity Protection for public & private sector.

Due to the complexity yet importance of identity, a new practice was established.

A mature IAM is phase one in “Zero Trust Maturity Phases” according to Forrester Research.  AOH assist enterprises with developing IAM roadmaps, designing & securing IAM architecture solutions.

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“Next possible frontier for IAM solution will be the merge of current IAM system with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capability to achieve real-time identity remediation.”  – Robert Yu, Principal Architect AOH.

Many systems are connected & communicate with each other, users are coming, going & changing roles throughout their work lifecycle.  Passwords, privacy, user experience, compliance, processes & security all components. Each environment is very different where a single product solution is not the only answer.  Services representation made up of people with ears & brains representing, listening, collaborating & making it work is the dream. Exciting time to be in identity!

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