Endpoint Utility, Overcomes the lack of Tech Support for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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Endpoint Utility Corp, a 2022 Montana Start Up to Watch, announced today the launch of its On-Demand Tech Support program, a monthly subscription service providing small businesses and individual business owners with the IT support needed to stay secure and productive.

The program enables clients to direct their time towards their customers, freeing them from the frustration of troubleshooting IT issues, concerns with data security and time wasted waiting on IT fixes, repairs, and products.

According to the most recent study from the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses comprise over 99% of the employers in the United States. That translates to just under half of all US workers who have little to no access to IT support.

That’s why Endpoint Utility Corp created their On-Demand Tech Support program, to provide the same level of anytime tech support, proactive security updates and device management previously only available to large companies.

“Through the course of conducting hundreds of interviews with small business owners and individuals, a common theme was the time-wasted on trying to support their own technology. Customers told us they would spend two or more hours every week searching online for fixes to IT problems,” said David Mayer, CEO of Endpoint Utility Corp. “Those are problems Endpoint Utility resolves in minutes.”

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Key features of On-Demand Tech Support include:

  • User Support – Questions and issues with business apps
  • Security – Up to date and protected data and devices
  • Device Support – Proactive and reactive support and repair
  • Connectivity – Plans and devices to keep you always connected

“As a small business without a staff person dedicated to IT, tech issues would bring us to a halt…. Endpoint has been everything we hoped for in a partner. They made our IT transition seamless, they are always quick to respond, and they even saved us money compared to other providers.” Christy Cummings Dawson, President and CEO of Montana West Economic Development.

Endpoint’s On-Demand Tech Support service is available now for professionals looking to remove the frustration of having to handle productivity killing technical issues, on their own.

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