RedShield’s Web Application Shielding Now Available through AT&T Cybersecurity

RedShield's Web Application Shielding Now Available through AT_T Cybersecurity

RedShield today announced that AT&T Cybersecurity, a world-leading Managed Security Services Provider, has added RedShield’s Web Application Shielding to its highly-regarded Managed Vulnerability (MVP) program.

Harnessing RedShield’s unique technology, AT&T Cybersecurity can now rapidly remove the risk of vulnerabilities in their customers’ web applications, without touching the underlying application code.

Delivered as a fully managed service, Web Application Shielding mitigates exploitable vulnerabilities in applications with software objects called Shields. Shields can be programmed to transform application content, track application and session state, detect illegal inputs or outputs, illegal changes to client-side content.

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Within these capabilities, Web Application Shielding can mitigate most web penetration testing results or known vulnerabilities, including complex application logic flaws. All of this is done without modifying the underlying application code. This allows shields to work for any application, including third party applications, frameworks and hosting platforms.

Key benefits of Web Application Shielding:

  • Ensures that applications and APIs are quickly protected against exploitation of application vulnerabilities.
  • Gives security and development teams room to breathe by enabling them to patch vulnerabilities or rewrite application code without time pressure.
  • Immediately improves cybersecurity posture assessment as reported by publicly available assessment services and tools.

“Keeping up with routine software patching remains one of the most challenging yet important areas of work for cyber defenders in 2021”, said Fabian Partigliani, CEO of RedShield. “AT&T Cybersecurity has responded to this market need by adding Web Application Shielding to their esteemed Managed Vulnerability Program, providing their customers with an additional layer of security and peace of mind that unpatched vulnerabilities are no longer a business risk.”

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