Relativity Trace and Proofpoint Partner to Deliver Seamless End-to-End Archive and Communication Surveillance Solution

Relativity Trace and Proofpoint Partner to Deliver Seamless End-to-End Archive and Communication Surveillance Solution

Relativity, a global legal and compliance technology company, and Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading security and compliance company, today announced a partnership to integrate Proofpoint’s next-generation Enterprise Archiving and Compliance with Relativity’s AI-powered communication surveillance platform Relativity Trace.

The Relativity Trace and Proofpoint partnership helps ensure customers can manage surveillance data within one single source of truth with a secure, best-in-class archiving and compliance platform.

Following the integration, Relativity Trace will consume data directly from the cloud-based Proofpoint Enterprise Archive solution, allowing all compliance information for the population under surveillance to reside in one place.

“Teaming up with Proofpoint enables us to offer the most robust archive and surveillance platforms within one comprehensive end-to-end solution,” said Jordan Domash, general manager of Relativity Trace at Relativity. “Both Relativity and Proofpoint have a long history of investing in next generation compliance technology and this integration is just another step toward providing customers with innovative solutions that meet their needs. I look forward to seeing how both of our organizations continue to advance the communication surveillance technology landscape.”

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Data at enterprise scale is complex and can strain internal systems and reduce security. The latest AI and machine learning (ML) technologies, like those within Relativity Trace and Proofpoint, have the power to future-proof technology platforms while keeping security at the forefront.

Relativity Trace’s deep surveillance capabilities leverage ML and AI to spot complex targeted risks, complementing Proofpoint’s U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 17a-4 compliant storage of data, broad investigation functionality, and enterprise supervision monitoring. Proofpoint Enterprise Archiving and Compliance blends ML and data visualization to ensure data can be understood and organizations can respond to incidents at scale.

“Regulated organizations need a scalable, cloud-based archiving and compliance approach to monitor all employee communications, enable compliant retention, and prepare for possible litigation,” said Darren Lee, executive vice president and general manager of Compliance and Digital Risk for Proofpoint.

“With near real-time search performance, organizations worldwide rely on our Enterprise Archive solution to simplify legal discovery and reduce risks and costs. Relativity Trace and Proofpoint’s combined archiving, compliance, and surveillance solution offers exceptional coverage and will help organizations streamline their efforts without compromising platform security.”

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