Resolute Software Helps Global Cybersecurity Company Gain Competitive Advantage with a Digital Transformation

Resolute Software Helps Global Cybersecurity Company Gain Competitive Advantage with a Digital Transformation

Resolute Software, a boutique digital modernization and software development consultancy firm, has just finalized a custom Salesforce implementation for Amatas, a global cybersecurity company. The project consisted of implementing and integrating several Salesforce AppExchange applications built by Salesforce ISV partners, including  ZoomInfoDocuSignExchange Rate Automation and DocuSign Negotiate. The team had to also create an automated multi-currency exchange and bonus system that improves reporting and forecasting.

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“By automating the sales process end-to-end, Resolute Software has enabled us to be more productive, identify and reach out to leads proactively. We can jump on new sales opportunities before our competitors do and continue to communicate with leads in a systematic, consistent way throughout the sales cycle. This provides tremendous competitive advantage.” —Boris Goncharov, CEO, Amatas.

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According to Goncharov, Resolute Software has provided immense value to Amatas by streamlining the entire sales process from pre-sales through post-sales, eliminating hours of manual work and freeing up the sales team to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than administrative tasks.

The team of Resolute Software’s Salesforce consultants have product expertise across Salesforce’s Customer 360. Combined with their wide cross-industry experience (IT, healthcare, financial services and insurance, retail, logistics, oil and gas) customers can partner with them to help grow their digital transformation strategies.

Our mission is to help Resolute’s customers take full advantage of their Salesforce investment. We provide customized and scalable platform implementations assisting with training, administration and business process alignment along the way,” said Yana Chavgova, Salesforce Consulting Manager at Resolute Software.

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