Port53 Expands Its Cyber Services as Bill Parmelee, Former Vice President at Optiv, Joins the Team

Port53 Technologies

Former Vice President at Optiv Inc. joins Port53 to help continue to build out a robust solutions portfolio with an emphasis on risk-assessment and gap-analysis tools that integrate into a single platform.

Port53 Technologies, an industry leader in customer-centric cybersecurity, today announced the appointment of Bill Parmelee, former Vice President of Optiv Inc., as Vice President of Cyber Services. Parmelee is pleased to join the team and identified Port53 as a “progressive, growing, cloud-first innovator.”

Parmelee is a triathlete and finds many similarities between the approach to triathlon training and what is needed to address cyberattacks. Security experts need to master several defensive tools and techniques and continuously ensure that their skills are fine-tuned in order to surpass the skills of cyberattackers.

In his new role, Parmelee will concentrate on building out Port53’s strong solutions portfolio, with an emphasis on risk-assessment and gap-analysis tools that integrate into a single platform running holistically in a customer’s environment.

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Cloud security is becoming a huge issue, and other organizations in the security space have been slow to accommodate the acceleration of migration,” he said. “Cloud setup demands a more nuanced approach to cybersecurity, with an emphasis on protecting identity and connections. These requirements have become top priorities during the COVID-19 outbreak, where entire workforces find themselves sequestered, and the cloud is the most viable way to keep everyone working. Being quick to adapt and protect is key.”

“Our aim is to help our customers come up with a security roadmap that supports their digital transformation goals,” Omar Zarabi, CEO of Port53 said.

“Delivering a full security stack to organizations from global corporates to mom-and-pop stores requires a continued focus on the things that matter to individual customers. At Port53 we take a risk-based management framework approach by implementing roadmaps that lead to a holistic security stack,” says Zarabi. Port53 has automated this process and made it more attainable for SMBs by leveraging the Cloud as a delivery mechanism via SaaS offerings.

A key differentiator of Port53 is the organization’s focus on establishing a roadmap environment aligned with industry-specific and organizational goals, as opposed to an ad hoc environment, as well as their ability to leverage the cloud as a delivery platform to assist resource-restrained IT teams in attaining a rigorous and proactive security stack.

“A strong threat posture is vital to guarantee your business continuity,” Parmelee added. “By leveraging the cloud as a delivery mechanism, businesses of all scales can get on with innovating without having to worry about incursions.”