RevBits announces issuance of U.S. patent for unique product security architecture using zero-knowledge encryption

US Patent and Trademark Office

Provides Maximum Data Protection in Browsers and Dashboards

Cybersecurity software provider RevBits today has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No.US10579542B2 covering technology which provides the security of zero-knowledge encryption for data in transit and at rest, while providing the ease and efficiency of the implementation of encryption within the user’s browser.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced cybersecurity software solutions to protect their most valuable assets, we are continuously investing to improve the internal security of our solutions,” said David Schiffer, CEO. “As our PAM solution manages access for all privileged accounts in a company, it is extremely important to be well protected against attempts to intercept and potentially abuse its data. The technology covered in this new patent allows us to take this protection to a new level.”

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“Using a combination of different encryption and decryption algorithms and keys we make sure that any critical data which is exchanged between browsers and servers is fully protected at all times,” said Mucteba Celik, CTO. “All data at transit is double encrypted and data at rest stays in an encrypted state at any time, hence the zero-knowledge encryption. As a result any hostile attempt to access data stored at the servers will fail.”

RevBits provides cybersecurity software for privileged access management, endpoint protection, email security and deception technology.  Implementation of this patented architecture in the dashboards of their solutions provides RevBits’ customers with yet another important security feature that up to now was not available in the market.