Revelstoke Expands Automated CASE Management Capabilities for Next-Generation SOAR Platform

Revelstoke Expands Automated CASE Management Capabilities for Next-Generation SOAR Platform

Revelstoke, a next-generation enterprise Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) company, today expanded its case management capabilities to reduce redundant administrative tasks for security analysts. 

Revelstoke’s Case Automation Security Execution (CASE) Management offering now enables security analysts to use and replicate automated workflows on the fly to solve a multitude of cybersecurity challenges. Leveraging Revelstoke’s Universal Data Layer (UDL), CASE supports the development and deployment of automated, logic-based sub-work flows.  

Security analysts now can leverage technology-agnostic workflow to perform any replicable task from quarantining to account locks to executive escalation to human resources acknowledgment — all encapsulated in sub-workflows and available on the fly to the analyst. A CASE card created for an action in Crowdstrike can be replicated and used for a similar issue in Carbon Black, Microsoft Defender, or Sentinel One.  

“If you don’t offer case management capabilities, we believe it’s tough to claim you are a SOAR solution. If you don’t effectively bring automation to bear within the context of case management, there is no way you can be considered a ‘next generation’ SOAR,” said Josh McCarthy, Revelstoke Chief Product Officer. “Recreating the wheel should not be necessary. There is no way to make security analysts’ lives simpler and their jobs more efficient and effective without automating the ability to respond and react to re-occurring threats. It is what will allow security operations centers to focus on Zero-Day and other emerging critical attacks.” 

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Revelstoke, launched in January, offers Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and security analysts a next-generation SOAR solution built on a UDL. Revelstoke automates analysis, eliminates software development needs, optimizes workflows, prevents vendor lock, scales processes, and quickly and effectively allows analysts to get to the root of incidents. 

Additional Revelstoke Case Management capabilities include: 
  • Automated information gathering, escalations, closures, and postmortem reporting to improve workflow efficiency and reduce caseload 
  • Fully-guided deep investigations that enable you to manage cases and generate reports with ease 
  • Analyst capabilities to see the complete picture, drill down to the details, and understand critical relationships with real-time, interactive case timelines

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