Rhymetec Announces New Compliance Security Offerings

Rhymetec Announces New Compliance Security Offerings

Rhymetec, the industry leader in cloud security that provides innovative cybersecurity and data privacy services to modern-day SaaS businesses, announced today two new service offerings for SaaS companies: PCI Compliance Scanning and Phishing Testing & Training. Both offerings will assist B2B organizations in staying secure and compliant while they continue to grow and innovate.

Staying on top of compliance standards can be difficult with so many different rules and regulations from multiple regulatory agencies. The PCI Compliance Scanning service provides managed vulnerability scans that assist in identifying issues and maintaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance for customers who process online purchases and transactions. Any business that transmits, stores, handles, or accepts credit card data, regardless of size or processing volume, must comply with the PCI DSS Standards.

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Rhymetec’s Phishing Testing & Training service offering provides employee training for businesses with guided lessons on phishing and materials to educate employees on how to spot them. Once an employee falls for a phishing attempt, it provides immediate security awareness guidance on what phishing is and how to avoid attempts in the future. Rhymetec’s phishing offering also includes detailed reporting that shows gradual improvements in the organization’s security posture.

“At Rhymetec, our mission is to reduce the complexities of cloud security and our two new security offerings give SaaS companies the critical components of a comprehensive information security program,” said Justin Rende, CEO and founder of Rhymetec. “As we continue to help SaaS businesses build effective, compliant, and secure information security programs, adding PCI Compliance Scanning and Phishing Testing & Training will provide increased competitive value to our customers within their respective markets.”

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