Richard Abraham and Pantelis Lamprou add Global Footprint to ReadyGlobal Advisory Board

Richard Abraham and Pantelis Lamprou add Global Footprint to ReadyGlobal Advisory Board

Richard Abraham who joined the board in October, adds international banking expertise and market access to the United Kingdom, Middle East, and Africa. Pantelis Lamprou joined ReadyGlobal’s board in November bringing broad risk management expertise. Lamprou’s objective is to build a satellite office in Athens in 2022.

Abraham served for 12 years as head of M&A at Bank of America’s EMEA division in London and Paris, advising mainly US clients on strategic acquisitions and divestments in the EMEA area with particular emphasis on the financial sector. Richard subsequently ran Bank of America’s Private Banking business in the region including UHNW clients in the Middle East and Africa. He then served for several years as an Executive Director at UBS maintaining UHNW coverage and including advice on acquisitions and PE investment. Alongside this, Richard has served as non-executive Chairman and co-founder of several technology companies, guiding them through Series A funding, listing on the London Exchange, expansion via acquisition, and divestment by trade sale or to PE. His principal current role is as Chairman of Boston-based Omni-Commerce software business OneView Commerce in which The Kroger Company is a strategic investor. London-based, Richard is instrumental in RG’s expansion in the EMEA area, especially in Africa and the Middle East.

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Lamprou has served as an executive of the Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group) for the past twenty-one years where he held the positions of the Director of Strategic Communication and Markets Analysis, Compliance & Risk Management, Clearing & Risk Management, Business Products Development, Market Operation, Project Manager of the OASIS project (central trading system for stocks, bonds, and derivatives), Head of Financial and Capital Markets Dept. and was responsible for the provision of Consulting Services in Capital Markets in the region. His global perspective adds vital risk management perspective to ReadyGlobal’s™ arsenal of products and services.

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