Silent Push Threat Intelligence Now Available in Splunk

Silent Push Threat Intelligence Now Available in Splunk

Silent Push, a detection-focused threat intelligence solution focused on identifying and nullifying threats before they launch, announced today the Silent Push Treat Intelligence – Splunk Add-On. The Add-on is intended to collect prioritized observables from the Silent Push App then make them directly available in a Splunk Enterprise instance.

Silent push provides predictive cyber threat intelligence, with the goal of identifying threats proactively. Its ability to perform billions of daily lookups provides detection focused insights on top of new and existing CTI feeds.

“Meeting our customers where they need us is a priority for us and as many customers use Splunk we have provided an add-on in Splunkbase for them. Now we can help to shine a light on the 98% of attacker infrastructure that is unknown for Splunk users” said Ken Bagnall, CEO of Silent Push.

Additionally, the Silent Push app can be fully integrated into existing cyber security systems, strengthening the capabilities of existing cyber security teams.

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Key Benefits

  • Exposing high risk and hard-to-detect attacker infrastructure in easy to consume API. This includes live infrastructure of top access brokers
  • Enrichment of existing CTI feeds, scored and ranked by importance.
  • Silent Push-generated feeds focused on threats that specifically affect your organization
  • A variety of groundbreaking security tools, including the explore tool for finding similar and related infrastructure and the ability to save prioritized indicators suitable for specific security tools such as email security services or firewalls.

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