SafeRide Technologies Joins New Vehicle Health Management Consortium

SafeRide Technologies

SafeRide to contribute AI-based vehicle health management expertise to the SAE Health-Ready Components and Systems (HRCS) Consortium to facilitate industry-wide application of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) technology

SafeRide Technologies, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle health management, data analytics and cybersecurity solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles, today announced a partnership with the SAE Health-Ready Components and Systems (HRCS) Consortium, which was created in late 2019 to reduce existing barriers to the successful application of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) solutions in both the automotive and aerospace industries.

HRCS members, including General Motors, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, and others, are collaborating to implement the best practices and guidance provided in SAE JA6268™ Standard: Design & Run-Time Information Exchange for Health-Ready Components. This standard facilitates the integration of IVHM functionality in health-ready components and systems to meet the needs and objectives of the industry in a cost-effective manner.

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“As vehicle complexity increases, advanced VHM solutions can help OEMs and fleets reduce costs and improve operational efficiency,” said Yossi Vardi, Co-Founder and CEO of SafeRide Technologies. “The HRCS Consortium enables OEMs, suppliers, fleet managers, and technology partners to collaborate on IVHM, which will result in better, faster, and more cost-effective IVHM solutions for both the industry and its end customers.”

“SafeRide is a tremendous addition to the HRCS Consortium,” said Steve Holland, Chairman of the SAE HRCS Consortium. “SafeRide’s capabilities in AI and Deep Learning technology, combined with the domain knowledge and electromechanical expertise of the consortium’s existing partners, will accelerate the advancement and industry adoption of IVHM standards and best practices.”

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SafeRide will participate in a pilot project with the HRCS and several member partners, during which SafeRide’s AI-based IVHM solution will be deployed on a commercial vehicle fleet. The goal of this pilot project is to help foster industry collaboration while promoting advanced IVHM capabilities.