Scale AI Announces EGP to Unlock Customized Models with Enterprise-Grade Safety & Security

Scale AI Announces EGP to Unlock Customized Models with Enterprise-Grade Safety & Security

Scale AI, the data infrastructure for AI, today announced the Enterprise Generative AI Platform (EGP), a full-stack platform that gives enterprise customers access to the leading commercial & open-source foundation models, customizes them with a customer’s proprietary datasets, and protects them with enterprise-grade safety & security controls.

While many different generative AI models are available today, only 21% of enterprises actually have AI models in production. Scale brings an unparalleled track record moving AI from experimentation to enterprise-grade deployments, and now with EGP, Scale is helping companies like Koch Industries and Fox Corporation deploy Generative AI to unlock new channels for growth and provide instant insights for better, faster decision-making.

Scale built EGP as a full-stack solution to help customers address these challenges and advance from experimentation to implementation. EGP helps businesses to:

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  • Improve models with high-quality fine-tuning using proprietary data: Earning a unique business advantage with AI requires training and fine-tuning models for specific use cases, and putting each enterprises’ unique data to work. Scale enables customers to evaluate which models are best for their business and then augment the models’ outputs with data from their own knowledge bases via integrated enterprise connectors to Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and others.
  • Rapidly deploy enterprise-ready Generative AI apps: EGP enables customers to move from sandbox solutions to production applications quickly with pre-built apps, including Chat to enable knowledge retrieval, Forge to generate stunning product imagery at scale, and ShopChat to provide a personalized shopping assistant for every buyer. Scale also helps customers securely build bespoke applications or integrate internal or 3rd party applications from the app ecosystem.
  • Improve safety and security: EGP allows customers to develop and deploy Generative AI applications within Scale’s infrastructure or in their own virtual private cloud (VPC), so proprietary data never has to leave customers’ environments. Scale is the only provider delivering Generative AI applications in their own environment, coupled with industry-leading capabilities like Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) and red-teaming to ensure that model outputs are aligned with customers’ policies and brand.

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