Sotero Partners with Space and Time

Sotero Partners with Space and Time

Sotero, the leader in revolutionary data security, today announced their partnership with Space and Time, a leader in data warehousing, to provide enhanced security for the decentralized data platform.

Space and Time is a decentralized data warehouse that powers low-latency transactional queries and scalable analytics in a single cluster. Space and Time has developed a novel zero-knowledge proof called Proof of SQL℠, which cryptographically proves that the SQL operations run in Space and Time are verifiably tamperproof.

Sotero will provide an encryption and security solution for the decentralized data warehouse. Sotero’s patented ability to query encrypted attributes will be a key part of Space and Time’s ability to store confidential data and extend its capabilities to non-public and enterprise-grade sensitive information. Sotero’s ability to handle federated queries on any SQL datastore is an integral part of the solution’s support of off chain data stores.

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This partnership will revolutionize the ability of enterprises to embrace Web3 technology. Space and Time acts as the trustless intermediary between enterprise data and the blockchain, allowing businesses to easily connect their source EDWs or data lakes to major chains, join on-chain and off-chain data, and run tamperproof SQL queries. Sotero enables Space and Time to encrypt data in-database, in transit, and in-use, to allow enterprises to join public on-chain data with sensitive, private off-chain data.

The areas of opportunity being targeted by these two companies include IoT data collection and healthcare data sharing.

“Sotero’s powerful encryption solution is vital to Space and Time’s ability to handle private data,” said Space and Time CTO and Co-Founder Scott Dykstra. “Space and Time’s verifiable data warehouse ensures data hasn’t been manipulated, but Sotero ensures data stays private and secure. Our integration with Sotero allows sensitive data to be encrypted in-database, in-transit, and in-use, without sacrificing latency.”

“Decentralized data warehousing and processing data at the edge is the future. Centralized data collection frameworks and centralized processing capability are going to be impossible to sustain as the volumes of data increase exponentially,” said Purandar Das, Co-Founder and CEO of Sotero. “Couple this with the increasing need for security and privacy at both the transaction and the data level, and it is clear that a new platform and approach is needed. A platform that provides the scale, reach and privacy for Web3 adoption. Space and Time and Sotero provide this platform.”

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