SecSee Startup Unveils Launch

SecSee Startup Unveils Launch

SecSee, the highly anticipated stealth security platform that enables DevSecOps to consolidate and prioritize vulnerabilities across the software supply chain, announced its launch today.

A startup within the super{set} studio, SecSee reduces friction as applications go from code repo to deployment and automatically deploys safe-word technology to prevent the progression of vulnerabilities. With SecSee, information security officers and DevSecOps teams can use real-world evidence with contextual and consensual data to protect their highest-value assets against the most provocative threats.

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“Who says security isn’t glamorous?” said CTO and co-founder of SecSee Vivek Vaidya. “Prior approaches to security centered on a prophylactic approach, which explodes into a torrent of false positives. SecSee transforms security operations into a global nerve center that sees everything. For CISOs, it stops attacks before they even have a chance to spiral.”

Early adopters have taken note of SecSee’s tools that enable teams to communicate in planned or unplanned groups. “Whether we’re in 1 on 1 combat with a hacker or in more of a group situation, SecSee allows us to assess risk exposure without exposing our vulnerabilities,” noted one earlier reviewer.

In the coming months, SecSee will announce enhancements to its platform that the co-founder says will dissuade anyone from using any other tool. “We’re bringing SecSee back,” said co-founder Tom Chavez. “Just wait.”

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