Signd® Launches as Next Generation Trusted E-signature App

E-signature App

New cloud software blends CRM Contacts, Multilingual Digital Signing with Web Conferencing, Recording and Storage under one trusted app using Blockchain

Signd launched today as world’s first, patent pending cloud service bringing CRM Contacts, Multilingual SOC-2 Compliant Digital Signing and embedded Web/Video Conferencing, all under one seamless app with trusted deal signing, recording and video evidence storage under a blockchain.

Legacy e-signs are standalone and operate the same way, with rapid signer clicks and mild attention to details that can create lack of understanding of deal terms. Furthermore, with COVID-19, there is an urgent demand in emerging markets for multilingual signing and collaboration.

Digital Signatures in Signd are applied to combined document and video signing ceremony. So, neither can be tampered after signing; thereby creating a single trusted, immutable record for documents, participants and video evidence. Signd is offered on Desktop and Mobile, as well as APIs to scale in custom enterprise flows for accelerating trusted transactions. The trusted records are archived and retrieved by participants along with a detailed audit trail. Signing Participants can be authenticated with multi factor authentication to prevent identity thefts.

Signd offers a wide array of branded enterprise features like multi domain, multi-party, multiple doc signing using custom workflows, in person signing, user created templates, native forms creation, advanced authentication, smart contracts embedding payment gateways like Stripe®, PayU® – for converging SMB signing and payment collections.

Current integration includes Zoom® and Signd’s new end to end encrypted web conferencing, with doc sourcing from Dropbox®, Google Drive® etc. Future integrations planned with Salesforce®, SAP®, WorkdayTM, Quickbooks® and other ERP/CRM/Web Conference vendors.

“We live amidst pandemic uncertainty and chaos using old e-sign processes,” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of SignD LLC. “Signd offers business convergence with human touch by adding face to face trusted deal making we lost during COVID-19. Enterprises can incorporate high client video touch for deal signing and compliance with trust.”