Secure Code Warrior® Answers the Call From Zoom Video Communications

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Secure Code Warrior® Answers the Call From Zoom Video Communications

Global secure coding company Secure Code Warrior® announced it had been selected by Zoom Video Communications, Inc., to implement its online secure coding platform as part of Zoom’s ongoing strategy to enhance their developers’ secure coding best practices.

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“With an upturn in remote working, online communication, and collaboration, it is more vital than ever to ensure the software powering effective remote teams is private and secure”, said Pieter Danhieux, Secure Code Warrior Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman. “We’re striving to assist companies all over the world in achieving industry-leading best practices by shipping secure code with confidence. It has been excellent to see Zoom’s efforts to quickly scale a first-class security program, and we’re excited to be partnering with their software engineers to further build security in their DNA.”

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Richard Farley, CISO at Zoom said, “It is critical that our development teams are security-aware, and that every individual continues their journey to become secure coders. Working with Secure Code Warrior will ensure our teams have the applied skills and expertise to mitigate common cybersecurity risks, especially as we see hyper-growth in our user adoption rate and solidify our position as the best-in-class web conferencing tool.”