Secure Code Warrior Exhibits Coding Labs

Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior, the global leader in developer-driven security, today announced that it is making it easier for developers to transition from learning to applying secure coding knowledge. , announced Coding Labs , a new mechanism for reducing code vulnerabilities . It is the first dedicated coding platform to enable real-time coding in an in-browser integrated development environment (IDE).

Until now, developers have had to rely on awkward and unfamiliar virtual setups for a more direct real-coding training experience, resulting in a poorly adapted learning experience. Coding Labs not only saves developers time and removes distractions, but it also gives them more options for different learning styles, making it easier to go from learning to doing.

Secure Code Warrior co-founder and CEO Pieter Danhieux said: “We found that 40% of developers do not believe they have received sufficient hands-on training in the tools and resources they currently use. Coding Labs enables learning in an environment that simulates how developers work, resulting in more confident and secure code. This is the future of vulnerability mitigation.”

Secure Code Warrior’s unique step-by-step learning approach builds developer confidence, enhances secure coding skills, and benefits organizations by enabling them to shift left in the software development lifecycle. Coding Labs carries on the hands-on training and intuitive guidance that developers love about our learning platform. Accessible through a library of training solutions on the platform, Coding Labs lets developers write real code at their own pace in a familiar IDE, receive real-time feedback, and introduce security vulnerabilities into their code. You can definitely learn the skills you need to avoid

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Coding Labs is available for preview today for Secure Code Warrior customers by contacting their account manager. To see a demo of Coding Labs, register for our upcoming webinar Product Talk: Roadmap and Vision on October 5th. For more information on Coding Labs.

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