Secure Identity Alliance Introduces OSIA Qualification Program

Secure Identity Alliance Introduces OSIA Qualification Program

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), the global identity and secure digital services advisory body, today announces the OSIA Qualification Program at the ID4Africa 2022 General Meeting.

Developed in response to the growing number of government bodies looking to ensure compliance with OSIA specification as a pre-requisite in their tendering processes, this program allows ID vendors to certify their solutions as ‘OSIA-Qualified’.

The OSIA Qualification will be adjudicated by an independent body, GlobalPlatform, who will issue the ‘OSIA-qualified’ mark to the vendors after the successful assessment of their products/solutions against the OSIA test plan, developed by FIME.

Matthew Cole, Chairman at Secure Identity Alliance, said: “The importance of openness and interoperability within the identity ecosystem cannot be underestimated. Not only does this drive product and solution innovation, it enables governments to confidently invest in the future-proofed national identity schemes that underpin social and economic development. OSIA’s role in ensuring seamless connectivity between all components of the identity management ecosystem is well established – and this Qualification Program provides an important marker of compliance.”

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“Creating trusted digital identities has become a critical priority to support a broad range of use cases, enabled by the growing number of connected devices. GlobalPlatform is proud to bring its 15 years of experience in qualification to support SIA with this important initiative to bring interoperability and ensure digital IDs can be accepted with confidence,” commented Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform. “As a standards body working for the mass market, GlobalPlatform recognizes the value of compliance and qualification in making standards a success and we’re pleased to support the OSIA Qualification Program.”

Alongside the launch of the OSIA Qualification, SIA will be represented at the Digital Public Infrastructure/Digital Stacks workshop by Debora Comparin, Chair of the OSIA Initiative. Debora will be discussing the role of open standards, such as OSIA, in helping to build Digital Public Infrastructure/Digital Stacks, create a level playing field within the vendor space, and how these nurture the development of local services markets.

For more on the work of the SIA and to explore the OSIA Qualification program in more detail, visit us at ID4Africa 2022 at booth A0.7.

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