SecureReview Rebrands to SessionGuardian

SecureReview Rebrands to SessionGuardian-01

SecureReview, an industry leader in cybersecurity for distributed workforces, announced today that they are debuting a new brand name and brand identity. The company will henceforth be known as SessionGuardian, reflecting their renewed commitment to create a new global standard for endpoint security.

The rebranding effort includes a new logo, brand name and visual identity—all of which now appear on their new website URL,. Stakeholders should note that the company continues to be owned and managed under the name SecureReview.

Jordan Ellington, founder and CEO of SessionGuardian, said, “After launching the next evolution in remote endpoint cybersecurity, we felt it was the right time for a brand evolution. Our new website and brand identity reflect our industry-leading position and clearly demonstrate the evolution of our endpoint security software and company. Our team is excited to deliver the future of cybersecurity as SessionGuardian.”

Prior to rebranding, SessionGuardian was founded in 2017 when Ellington and his industry-expert advisors observed a critical gap in traditional endpoint security measures—the human risk factor. To address this pervasive threat that end users pose, they pioneered software that leverages biometric technology, enforcing second-by-second facial recognition during remote user sessions, from log on to log off. By combining this innovation with other controls exclusive to SessionGuardian (including disabled screenshots/screenshare, bystander detection and smartphone in the workspace detection) the software gives organizations complete control and certainty over who is really viewing their data.

With their new identity, SessionGuardian is better poised to augment their impact on the global cybersecurity landscape. They are proud to embrace a name that more accurately and powerfully conveys the protection they offer against end user vulnerabilities.

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