SecurityScorecard Adds Industry-Leading Advisors to Continue Rapid Growth Trajectory

SecurityScorecard Adds Industry-Leading Advisors to Continue Rapid Growth Trajectory

SecurityScorecard, the global leader in security ratings, today announced the addition of three key advisors: Deven Sharma, former CEO of S&P Global; Marshall Lux, an esteemed financial services consultant and senior advisor for the Boston Consulting Group; and Grant Geyer, CPO at Claroty & former SVP of products at RSA Security. They will help accelerate widespread adoption of the SecurityScorecard platform and products with a focus on highly regulated industries.

“We are thrilled to welcome Deven SharmaMarshall Lux, and Grant Geyer as advisors; they are each extremely experienced and understand the ways we need to continue growing at scale on a global level,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder at SecurityScorecard. “They are truly aligned with our mission of making the world a safer place and we welcome their expertise and advice to help continue our momentum.”

Deven Sharma is an accomplished business leader in data, information, analytics, and technology-enabled service businesses. He served as the president of Standard & Poor’s, head of global strategy and M&A at The McGraw-Hill Companies, partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, and was also the chairman of S&P US & Europe Board. Deven invests in and incubates next-generation-information enabled companies. He also serves as the chair of Roc360, a real-estate-focused fintech company, and is on the board of Sphera, an EHS risk and compliance SaaS company. Deven also founded InfleXon, an advisory firm focused on risk governance, globalization, and innovation in information- and analytics-technology-enabled service markets. He serves as a Fellow of Connection Science at the MIT Media Lab and holds a doctorate from Ohio State University.

“I truly believe SecurityScorecard’s Ratings will soon become a pervasive referential benchmark, much like the index and ratings are in the financial markets,” said Deven Sharma. “Security ratings offer an invaluable benchmark for numerous industries where they can have a birds-eye view of their cyber posture and I look forward to being a part of making the world a safer place.”

Marshall Lux has been a financial services consultant and practitioner for 30 years, holding executive positions at top consulting firms McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the latter where he helped build their private equity practice and continues to be an active senior advisor. He was also the chief risk officer for Chase, where he oversaw all consumer products globally. He sits on several private equity boards and advises companies ranging from consumer credit, wealth, insurance, and cybersecurity. He is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a senior advisor to the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation and a senior fellow to the Program on International Financial Systems, both at Harvard Law School. Lux attended Princeton University as an undergraduate and attended Harvard Business School where he was a Baker and Ford Scholar.

“Becoming an advisor for SecurityScorecard was an easy decision to make. I believe in not only its innovation and market dominance, but also the leadership – they are committed to ensuring that financial services have a holistic view of their cyber risk environment, a cause that I wholeheartedly align with,” said Marshall Lux. “I look forward to ensuring that SecurityScorecard becomes the key benchmark tool for understanding an organization’s true cybersecurity risk.”

Grant Geyer is currently the chief product officer at Claroty. Geyer is a veteran of RSA Security where he was the SVP of products, as well as Symantec Corporation, where he led the managed security services and threat intelligence businesses. Geyer was also part of the executive team of Riptech, a startup that was acquired for $145m by Symantec. He holds a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

“As a longtime cybersecurity expert, I am excited to join as an advisor to SecurityScorecard, which has revolutionized how enterprises understand their own cyber posture and that of their vendors,” said Grant Geyer. “SecurityScorecard is well-positioned to not only succeed, but accelerate its growth and ensure widespread adoption of security ratings across every vertical.”

SecurityScorecard is the global industry leader as the only security ratings platform that rates over 1.4 million companies. Supporting more than 1,000 customers, SecurityScorecard collects and analyzes global threat signals that allows organizations to have instant visibility into the security posture of vendors and business partners as well as the capability to do a self-assessment of their own security posture. The technology continuously monitors 10 groups of risk factors to instantly deliver an easy-to-understand A-F rating.