SecurityScorecard Announces Partnership with GM Sectec to Bring Cybersecurity Ratings to Latin America and the Caribbean

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SecurityScorecard, the global leader in security ratings, announced that it has partnered with GM Sectec, a global leader in cybersecurity focused on managing digital risk, to deliver products and services to GM Sectec customers in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

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The partnership will be broken out into two phases: The first will see the inclusion of the SecurityScorecard in GM Sectec’s “Cyber Essentials” toolkit, which is a portfolio of industry-leading products and services that GM Sectec distributes to its 52,000 customers spanning the Latin American and Caribbean regions. The reach of the “Cyber Essentials” toolkit was recently expanded when Visa announced GM Sectec as its preferred provider of cybersecurity essentials in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

In the second phase, SecurityScorecard and GM Sectec will partner to deliver innovative PCI (Payment Card Industry) and MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) offerings to drive value to customers and help maintain compliance. The partnership will support GM Sectec in its delivery of managed self-monitoring and vendor risk management (VRM) across the region.

“For many companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, this is the first time they can view and improve their own cyber posture and that of their vendors. We are proud to enable this increased visibility, all while strengthening the supply chain of GM Sectec’s customer base,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityScorecard. “We plan to continue our investment in the region and build on the strong momentum by co-developing innovative PCI offerings to deliver outstanding value.”

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With over 1.3 million companies rated, SecurityScorecard is the global industry leader in security ratings. SecurityScorecard collects and analyzes global threat signals that allow organizations to have instant visibility into the security posture of vendors and business partners as well as the capability to do a self-assessment of their own security posture. The technology continuously monitors 10 groups of risk factors to instantly deliver an easy-to-understand A-F rating. This enables organizations worldwide to make more informed, less risky business decisions faster.

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