Si2 Launches TITAN Initiative Advancing Silicon-to-System Technology Interoperability

Si2 Launches TITAN Initiative Advancing Silicon-to-System Technology Interoperability-01

Silicon Integration Initiative has launched the Technology Interoperability Trajectory Advisory CouNcil, a thought leadership collaboration to drive industry growth in crucial vertical semiconductor markets.

TITAN will work with Si2 member companies to explore a spectrum of technology interoperability gaps between electronic design automation suppliers, cloud providers, foundries, semiconductor and emerging silicon-to-system companies. TITAN will generate consensus on technology interoperability in workflows and advise the Si2 board of directors on high-level trends and realizable solutions. In addition, TITAN will bridge established Si2 programs such as the OpenAccess, Compact Model and OpenStandards Coalitions, and Special Interest Groups.

TITAN founding members include Ansys, Arm, Cadence Design Systems, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Siemens EDA, Silvaco, SK hynix and Synopsys.

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John Ellis, Si2 president and CEO, said, “New capabilities empowered by AI, IoT, hyperscale computing, automotive and 5G/6G are driving the digital transformation toward a semiconductor industry renaissance. The complexity of designing and integrating these diverse technologies into current and future systems requires not only interoperability for multi-physical-domain system design software but also unambiguous means of securely controlling and sharing the private data required for implementing an efficient, connected and extensible environment.”

Vic Kulkarni, Si2 chief strategy officer, said, “Our industry ecosystem is transitioning workflows from the silicon-centric to the silicon-to-system-centric worlds. TITAN unites technology thought leaders to identify and address challenges in silicon-to-system design implementation, particularly in a cloud environment compatible with AI and ML in crucial vertical markets. The primary goal for TITAN is to accelerate innovation through industry collaboration to achieve faster time to results and time to market.

“TITAN will serve as the trusted technology advisor to the Si2 board of directors, which evaluates and forwards proposals to Si2 technology teams for prioritization and action plans. Council members will determine the best path forward for industry collaboration and commit resources to develop and prototype gap technologies,” Kulkarni added.

Kerim Kalafala, senior technical staff member at IBM Systems Group and TITAN interim chair, said, “I am looking forward to working with TITAN member companies to address the top priorities which were shared during the recent TITAN launch. These include the secure processed data SPEED API for cloud interoperability, high-level workflows for 2.5D/3D-IC advanced packaging, and challenges in EDA workflows for complex chip designs addressing the key vertical markets.”

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