Siemplify and Check Point Software Partner to Enhance and Accelerate Orchestration, Automation and Incident Response in Security Operations Centers


Siemplify, the leading independent provider of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), today announced a new partnership with Check Point Software Technologies, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, to make the Siemplify Security Operations Platform available to its global client base. The Siemplify platform integrates with Check Point solutions to give security operations center (SOC) teams a single, unified workbench for identifying, triaging, and blocking threats with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

SOC teams at a majority of organizations struggle to identify and block malicious activity on their complex network estates because of the overload of alerts from multiple point products. In a recent SOC survey*, respondents said their leading SOC challenges were the manual work involved in analyzing and remediating incidents (52%), accurately identifying the most critical events (52%), and an overload of logs and alerts (51%).

The integration of the Siemplify platform with Check Point’s Infinity SOC and other Check Point solutions helps solve these challenges and helps enterprises secure their complex networks by:

Automating alert handling and case management: The integration streamlines alert detection and response, replacing labor-intensive manual processes with automated workflows that ensure optimized triage, investigation, and containment. This enables automated prevention of attacks and containment of infected machines.

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Streamlining firewall policy management: Automated playbooks in the Siemplify platform integrate with Check Point solutions to automate firewall audits and remediate any rule violations, freeing up SOC analysts to concentrate on higher-order tasks

Accelerating advanced malware investigations: The integration gives SOC teams access to Check Point SandBlast network threat prevention for automated malware analysis and remediation with the industry’s best malware catch rate

“We are thrilled to showcase the Siemplify Security Operations Platform to Check Point’s prospects and customers who are undoubtedly facing the very challenges that make SOAR so instrumental: alert overload, the overreliance on manual tasks and the need to integrate disparate security tools,” said Amos Stern, CEO, and co-founder of Siemplify. “Already high, the demand for SOAR is accelerating during the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by the amplified need for remote security operations teams to collaborate effectively, drive process consistency and quickly build automated playbooks to address new threat vectors.”

“Security orchestration and automation complements our Infinity consolidated security architecture, which delivers threat prevention across networks, cloud, endpoints, mobile and IoT devices; seals security gaps; prevents attacks; reduces risk and minimizes total cost of ownership,” said Eran Orzel, Check Point head of strategic sales and partnerships. “Adding Siemplify’s SOAR solution alleviates some of the most pressing SOC challenges that our customers are experiencing. We are excited to partner with Siemplify and offer SOAR capabilities to our global customer base.”

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Siemplify integrates with Check Point solutions across cloud, network, endpoint, and mobile security, as well as over 200 third-party tools, to streamline every step of detection and response, replacing manual processes with automated workflows that ensure optimized triage, investigation, and containment. Through purpose-built use cases, Check Point users can proactively update firewall policies, block malicious IP addresses and threats, analyze and block malware, protect cloud environments, and more.

As the only SOAR solution available on Check Point’s global price list, Siemplify is now the go-to SOAR offering for all Check Point partners, as well as for Check Point customers embarking on SOAR projects. Trusted by Fortune 500 firms and global MSSPs, the Siemplify Security Operations Platform makes analysts more productive, security engineers more effective and managers more informed within the SOC.

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