SilverSky Raise Standards in MDR Services: with Continual Expert-Led Cyber Range Services


SilverSky, a cybersecurity innovator offering powerful managed detection and response (MDR) services, today announced the expansion of the SilverSky Cyber Range. As part of SilverSky’s current technology offers, its new 24-hour team of cybersecurity experts provides ever-growing and time-sensitive protections not available through most MDR providers.

The SilverSky Cyber Range expands and broadens the scope of threat detection by rigorously testing new malware and emerging threats through a deep analytics engine, comparing results to expected triggers, and detailing new variant fingerprints. The analytics are then fed into the Lightning MDR platform to protect our customers and notify our partners. SilverSky melds human expertise with automated cybersecurity technology – increasing the effectiveness of Security Operations analysts responding to events in real time. This proactive approach is a welcomed differentiator in an industry that all too often generates an unnecessarily long gap between threat identification and response.

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“What makes the SilverSky Cyber Range so distinctly different within the industry is that we take a two-pronged, two-way approach to ensure that time to protection for zero-day threats is as fast as possible,” said Marvin Wheeler, Chief Innovation Officer at SilverSky. “There’s no waiting for other partners or vendors to update protections. We stand as an innovator in the MDR space by combining our analyst-led Cyber Range that seeks out new zero-day threats themselves with our automated proprietary platform that also identifies potential threats and initiates action. Our analysts then scour the Dark Web and other sources to ensure related dangers are immediately caught by SilverSky as well. This ensures our expert cybersecurity analysts and technology work in tandem to immediately prevent a large percentage of threats that otherwise are left free to roam through traditional MDR approaches that lack rich involvement by trained specialists at this level of intensity and consistency.”

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