Smarsh Unveils Enhanced Risk Detection Scenario Catalog, Major Leap Forward In Communications Surveillance


Smarsh, the global leader in digital communications compliance and intelligence, today unveiled significant enhancements to Enterprise Conduct, its AI-powered communications surveillance solution for financial institutions. With its catalog of new and updated risk detection scenarios, Enterprise Conduct represents the next generation of communications surveillance innovation, enabling firms to stay ahead of the dynamic technology and regulatory compliance landscape.

Enterprise Conduct is the first communications surveillance offering to combine machine-learning models (risk detection scenarios) that are customizable and improved on an ongoing basis with the simplicity and familiarity of an “app-store”-like experience. Customers using Enterprise Conduct typically achieve an up-to-95% reduction in false-positive results, up to five times more escalations (messages meriting scrutiny) than with traditional lexicon-based surveillance solutions.

What Makes Enterprise Conduct’s Risk-Detection Catalog Different

Smarsh Enterprise Conduct customers uniquely benefit from:

  • an app store-like experience. The catalog offers a suite of “productized” machine learning models, akin to an app store, providing readily deployable and scalable solutions to surface risk associated with common and emerging topics (i.e., sexual harassment, boasting, customer complaints).
  • models developed and battle-tested in the field. Created, tuned and tested in partnership with the world’s largest financial firms, the catalog embodies a depth of industry knowledge and expertise.
  • behavior-centric surveillance. With risk-detection scenarios trained to surface suspicious behaviors rather than to match static rules, the catalog adeptly surfaces potential misconduct, adapting to changing patterns and tactics used by bad actors.
  • broad ML-based risk coverage with fast time to value. Enterprise Conduct and its entire risk-detection scenario catalogue can be deployed, configured and tested in a matter of months.
  • ability to own their own risk. Firms can augment machine learning technologies so that they can both adapt to firm-specific needs and stay in lockstep with the industry.

“Historically, surveillance solutions require firms to settle and sacrifice,” said Brandon Carl, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy at Smarsh. “Legacy lexicon-based surveillance suffers from poor quality. Out-of-the-box machine-learning models limit your flexibility in customization, ultimately prohibiting you from owning your own risk. And custom machine-learning models lack the agility to adapt to the changing world. Smarsh is the industry’s only vendor that offers you compliance without concession.”

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No-settle Surveillance

Enhancements to Enterprise Conduct’s catalog of risk-detection scenarios are another step in Smarsh’s ongoing journey to redefine communications surveillance with a focus on:

  • Unmatched AI-powered alert quality
  • Broad, ready-to-use risk coverage with continuous improvements
  • Compliance agility and customization
  • Fast time-to-value
  • Standardized Model Risk Management (MRM), providing AI explain-ability for audit teams and regulators

“In compliance, we are all on the same team with the same goal – to protect our firms and financial markets,” said Tom Padgett, General Manager of the Smarsh Enterprise business. “Smarsh is on a relentless mission to enable our customers to stay ahead of risk in a changing world.”

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