Snyk and ServiceNow Announce a New Vulnerability Intelligence Solution Offering Detailed Insights Into Software Supply Chain Risk


Snyk, the leader in developer security, today announced a new joint solution with ServiceNow, giving software engineers vulnerability intelligence into their software bill of materials (SBOMs). With this new solution, Snyk Vulnerability Intelligence for SBOM, developers will now have end-to-end visibility of vulnerabilities in their full software supply chain as they move from ideation to deployment. The combination of Snyk’s leading security intelligence with the Now Platform® will help keep enterprises worldwide more secure overall.

This new feature is an essential component of driving increased software transparency and will help to support organizations’ secure development practices, a priority of the newly announced White House National Cybersecurity Strategic Implementation Plan. To this end, Snyk’s recently released State of Open Source Security Report found that nearly 90% of organizations were impacted by one or more supply chain security issues, while only 42% are using SBOMs, further underscoring the industry’s need for this new seamless solution.

“Our customers are the direct beneficiaries of our close, long-term relationship with ServiceNow,” said Manoj Nair, Chief Product Officer, Snyk. “Today’s latest strategic solution is the result of closely listening to their feedback, and we look forward to continuing to work together in order to solve the cybersecurity challenges confronting global enterprises today and in the future.”

“While SBOMs deliver improved visibility, transparency, security and integrity of code, on their own they don’t actually help security engineers eliminate risk across their software supply chain. Without the ability to address vulnerabilities, enterprises remain at considerable risk,” said Lou Fiorello, vice president and general manager of security products, ServiceNow. “By adding Snyk’s security insights to ServiceNow’s workflows, global enterprises can accurately pinpoint whether any part of their software supply chain is at risk and take swift action accordingly.”

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With today’s new joint solution, Snyk is proud to bring this sophisticated level of software composition analysis (SCA) to ServiceNow customers. This feature allows teams to take the security of their development to the next level — not only having a complete view of their attack surface, but also being able to quickly identify specific areas that are currently at risk. This vulnerability solution allows packages found in teams’ SBOMs to be tested against the industry’s leading database for open source vulnerabilities and cloud misconfigurations.

This milestone is the latest example of how the Snyk and ServiceNow partnership continues to grow and evolve, allowing enterprises worldwide to continue their pace of innovation securely by default. As a Snyk customer and partner, as well as a recent investor, ServiceNow has been fiercely committed to working with Snyk in order to pivot the legacy security industry to embrace a more modern, developer-led approach.

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