Social Security Solutions, Inc., New Updates and Innovation to Leading Social Security Planning Software, SSanalyzer

Social Security software SSanalyzer

Social Security Solutions, Inc. has launched a new version of its #1-ranked Social Security software, SSanalyzer. Winning the top-ranked Social Security planning tool by financial advisors in the T3 technology survey three years and running, SSanalyzer offers the most robust analysis for Social Security claiming strategies with an intuitive workflow and clear client deliverables. SSanalyzer calculates and suggests the most optimal strategy for any household situation on all subscription levels, assuring all users receive the best possible solution for their client.

With continued research and innovation, Social Security Solutions, Inc. leads the industry, supporting advisors with the most up-to-date methodology, strategies and training. Head of Research, Dr. William Reichenstein, Ph.D., says, “Social Security is still complicated, especially with varying circumstances for different household types that get missed in other tools. Claiming strategies for singles, widows, and married couples each have unique implications that should be considered to best optimize their Social Security income.” CEO William Meyer follows up with, “In the current COVID environment, retirees have urgent questions related to claiming early. Our software showcases the alternatives and options on how to garner more benefits or fix a claiming strategy even if you start early. Advisors are expected to address these concerns with knowledgeable suggestions.”

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The newest release showcases a complete overhaul of the user interface and client reports – increasingly important elements in today’s digital climate for successful client meetings and communication. In addition, they have added new digital education and marketing resources for advisors to conduct client education and prospecting. This supports the advisors’ new challenge of growing their practice in a digital world. Extending their commitment to research and education, they present a new Virtual Education Series of lectures on current hot topics such as Social Security funding fears, re-do strategy options for clients who need money now, and dealing with the earnings test for clients who are still working. Social Security Solutions, Inc. not only prides themselves on being leaders in research on the subject of Social Security, but also on offering the service of Social Security-trained experts on staff. Advisors can utilize these experts with the Premier Level subscription for clarification on Social Security rules, case-specific questions, and for an additional fee, online filing assistance for clients.

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SSanalyzer continues to showcase how life-expectancy impacts claiming strategies. The easiest way to assess optimal claiming strategies based on analyzing life expectancy ranges is with what SSanalyzer refers to as the “SS Zone”. The patented tool, the “SS Zone,” allows advisors to view a digital map that compares which strategy is best during which life expectancy zone, to assess across ranges when a strategy begins and stop being optimal for a client situation