Source Defense and Omada Team Up for Cybersecurity Threat Prevention & Data Privacy Protection

Cybersecurity Threat Prevention

Source Defense, the market leader in client-side web security, today announced a partnership with Omada Technology focused on industry expertise and best practices of securing websites, their brand, and minimizing risk for consumers.

“We are excited to partner with Omada is the premier provider of IT solutions that will streamline client’s operations,” said Dan Dinnar, CEO of Source Defense. With their reach and Source Defense’s unique client-side web security protection, together we deliver a next-generation level of consumer protection extending the security perimeter.”

Rising threat vectors, persistent attackers, and changing regulatory demands are continuously evolving, creating an ongoing need for advanced security planning, risk awareness, and automated threat prevention solutions. Source Defense and Omada Technologies help enterprises identify and address client-side security risks in-real time, deploy resources efficiently, and deliver cutting-edge solutions for the evolving demands of modern applications.

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“Our customers today are challenged more than ever to strategize and develop a manageable security plan to protect their companies and employees from threats on so many levels.  We understand the dynamic security landscape and work with our customers to develop these strategies and help align them with the right solutions,” said Matt Keane of Omada Technologies.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more organizations have been relying on online security services more than ever,” said Dinnar. “It’s understood that it’s not so much a question of if there will be a security breach as much as when. We’ve taken a proactive approach of being able to pivot quickly with our partners and ensure prospects are moved quickly through our processes to be protected from these malicious attacks.”