Springfield Psychological Provides Notice of a Security Incident

Springfield Psychological Provides Notice of a Security Incident

Springfield Psychological is providing notice of a recent incident that may affect the security of certain information relating to current, former, and prospective patients.

On June 9, 2020, Springfield Psychological sent a routine marketing email to some past, current, and prospective patients advising them of services we offer. Unfortunately, the email was sent in a way that allowed all recipient email addresses to be visible to all recipients. Upon discovering the incident, Springfield Psychological began reviewing the email and launched an investigation.

Upon discovering the incident, we began an internal investigation, and in the Fall of 2020, we began communicating with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”) regarding this event.

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On May 25, 2021, OCR informed Springfield Psychological that it was required to notify affected individuals in accordance with HIPAA, and Springfield Psychological has done so promptly in accordance with the request.

The individuals’ email address was the only information that was included in this email. There was no treatment or diagnosis information listed on the email. There was no financial information listed on the email.

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While the information at issue in this matter was limited, Springfield Psychological recommends remaining vigilant to requests for information sent to affected individuals’ email addresses.  Please report any suspicious requests for information allegedly sent by or on behalf of Springfield Psychological to Springfield Psychological.

Springfield Psychological takes the security of its patients’ information very seriously. In response to this event, Springfield Psychological is reviewing and enhancing existing Springfield Psychological policies and procedures. Springfield Psychological also notified the Department of Health and Human Services of this incident. Springfield Psychological is also notifying potentially impacted individuals of the event.

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