swIDch launches all-in-one authentication SDK to provide simpler, faster and safer authentication in cybersecurity

swIDch launches all-in-one authentication SDK to provide simpler_ faster and safer authentication in cybersecurity-01

swIDch announced it has launched an all-in-one authentication software development kit, swIDch Auth SDK, providing simpler, faster, and safer authentication in cybersecurity to be applied in a variety of industries from enterprise solutions to customer access management systems.

swIDch Auth SDK is composed of three strong authentication functions including international standard biometric authentication, simple two-step authentication, and innovative one-time random code authentication. A brand-new product is provided as an SDK, so that developers can easily and stably implement trustworthy functions in their applications, which means more efficient and seamless authentication functions can be installed without expensive R&D costs from solution development and system deployment.

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swIDch Auth SDK’s FIDO authentication provides user biometrics, patterns, PINs, QR codes, encryption and digital signature, private key, and server administration. Its easy mobile secondary authentication mobile OTP can build strong self-authentication system by creating one-time password with a smartphone app without a physical security card. swIDch’s OTAC login authentication provides OTAC with more than 170 global patents creating dynamic one-time authentication codes that cannot be reused, cannot be duplicated, and cannot be changed without communication with the server.

swIDch also announced an unprecedented pricing policy for the new product to empower organisations to develop innovative products and services. The Pioneer membership, which consists of a one-pack license, is $5,000. Its Enterprise membership charges $45,000 allowing Unlimited Licensing for internal systems and 20 licenses for reselling. Both memberships provide basic technical support services.

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The product launch is designed to help System Integration companies that need rapid and stable system development based on proven authentication security technology, security solution vendors that need reliable all-in-one authentication security technology, organisations and enterprises that need international standard authentication technology, companies that require network upgrades and those who want to deploy their developers working on authentication more efficiently and save costs.

Chang-Hun Yoo, Founder and CEO, swIDch said: “Cost reduction is of vital importance for companies that need to operate an integrated authentication process with multiple partners or SI companies who are involved in multiple projects every year, a key motivation for swIDch in launching it’s ‘swIDch Auth SDK’ product. swIDch wants to grow as an authentication security Lab that provides an agile, efficient, cost-effective, and secure authentication security platform to companies that want to build an authentication security infrastructure.”

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