Swimlane Integration with Stellar Cyber Brings Customized Automation to Incident Response


Integration between Swimlane’s SOAR platform and Stellar Cyber’s security operations platform maximizes enterprise security posture and threat intelligence capabilities

Swimlane, a leading independent provider of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions, today announced a new product integration with Stellar Cyber’s intelligent next-generation security operations platform. Mutual customers gain a truly unified defense platform with comprehensive threat intelligence and detection capabilities, and highly customizable automation to achieve best-of-breed incident response for security operations centers (SOCs).

Stellar Cyber offers the only platform with speedy and high-fidelity threat detection across an entire attack surface, including the unique ability to ingest data from existing security tools to be aggregated and correlated with any data set. This integration enables Swimlane to pull in alerts from the Stellar Cyber platform, triggering workflows or playbooks. These workflows then search the SOC’s connected products for any additional intelligence related to the alert and automatically initiate remediation actions across other integrated technologies.

“Stellar Cyber’s platform takes threat detections to the next level by offering full visibility and correlation capabilities to incident-related data. Combined with Swimlane’s ability to ingest these insights and provide actionable response options, users have access to a powerful automation fabric and are able to free up valuable time and resources for other critical initiatives,” said Chris Stimmel, SVP Product and Technology, Swimlane. “This integration was requested by multiple customers, and we have seen immediate value added. Customers can expect further collaboration between Swimlane and Stellar Cyber as well as additional integrations in the future.”

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Key benefits to this integration include:

  • Aggregated and correlated threat intelligence data in a single view
  • Filtered and automated alert triage
  • Improved mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Greater visibility across connected products
  • Eliminated tool fatigue and data overload
  • Decreased repetitive tasks and analyst burnout
  • Increased SOC efficiency

“Both Stellar Cyber and Swimlane are leaders in their respective areas of cybersecurity, making this partnership a natural fit,” said Steve Garrison, VP Marketing at Stellar Cyber. “Between Stellar Cyber’s actionable high-fidelity alerts and Swimlane’s customizable automation, this is an extremely powerful integration for security analysts. Mutual customers are already reporting increased SOC optimization and productivity.”

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This announcement follows Swimlane’s recent integrations with McAfee and R9B, emphasizing the company’s continued dedication to bringing innovation and automation to its customers. Further highlighting Swimlane’s efforts, the company was recently named a representative vendor in Gartner’s 2020 “Market Guide for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Solutions.”