Essence Group to Present Advanced Connected Security and Smart Home Management Solutions at Security Essen 2022

Essence Group

Essence Group, a leading technology group developing and supplying wireless, cloud-based security solutions for homes, families and businesses, today announced it will be demonstrating two advanced IoT-based security solutions at the upcoming Security Essen exhibition in Essen, Germany.

MyShield is the world’s first Cat-M-enabled comprehensive solution for intruder prevention. It features integrated passive infrared (PIR) motion detection, high-definition video camera and two-way voice communication to remotely detect, alert and verify in the case of intrusion. The award-winning solution includes a proprietary smoke generator that quickly fills a room with a harmless smoke that disorientates intruders, enabling property owners to safely expel them from premises. MyShield can be implemented as a standalone solution, or used in conjunction with an existing security system to offer enhanced protection.

WeR@Home+ is a next-generation security and smart home management platform that empowers users to freely control their home environment in real time, from any location and on any device. HD video streaming is provided over secure radio frequency connected locally to the hub. The platform, with LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, comprises a suite of multi-functional detectors, including a magnetic door/window sensor, motion detection sensor with multi-zone spherical lenses, curtain sensor, and a multi-function button to perform security and smart home actions.

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“The MyShield and WeR@Home+ solutions epitomize our ongoing commitment to providing peace of mind to our users, knowing that their properties, assets and loved ones are protected by the latest technological advances,” said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder of Essence Group. “We are excited to participate in this year’s Security Essen exhibition and demonstrate our capabilities in providing connected security solutions that enable people to live safer and more confident lives.”

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