System Soft Technologies Announces Partnership with BlueVoyant

System Soft Technologies Announces Partnership with BlueVoyant-01

 System Soft Technologies, a leader in enterprise IT services, solutions and products, today announced the company’s global partnership with BlueVoyant, an industry-leading, internal and external cyber defense platform. This partnership will provide enhanced capabilities for System Soft to deliver intelligent solutions, which enables organizations to proactively improve their security posture and defend against security threats.

The partnership aligns to the current security environment facing organizations, while focusing on long-term solutions for the individual needs of those organizations. As cyber threats continue to increase in sophistication and consequences, in conjunction with evolving security and privacy regulations, organizations are pressured to put more proactive security controls in place, while defending against cyber threats to their systems, networks and applications.

“Through our partnership with BlueVoyant, we can empower organizations of all sizes to confidently and assuredly defend against internal and external cyber threats with a comprehensive set of solutions using data-driven insights and strategies to minimize threat exposure and strengthen cyber security posture,” said Mark Imhoff, Head of Security at System Soft. “Our comprehensive, consultative approach to security, with a thorough future-built, prevention-based method that’s flexible, customizable and scalable, complements BlueVoyant’s innovative technologies to secure an organization’s entire Microsoft Azure security stack, reducing complexity and operational costs, saving time and resources, and optimizing Azure investments.”

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“Our partnership with System Soft Technologies enables customers to maximize and optimize their Microsoft security investments to better defend their organization, customers and partner ecosystems against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks,” said Steve DeSantis, Global Head of Partnerships and Alliances at BlueVoyant. “System Soft has deep expertise with Microsoft solutions, and our collaboration creates a better-together strategy, giving customers the ability to improve their cyber security posture with 24/7, managed detection and response, digital risk protection and third-party cyber risk services.”

System Soft’s portfolio of end-to-end, consultative security services and solutions can be customized for individual business needs. The company helps organizations improve their security posture and achieve compliance by providing concrete guidance for implementing optimal security controls. With System Soft’s security services and solutions, the focus goes beyond compliance level checks to help organizations move from reactive to proactive and protect them against data breaches and insider attacks. These proactive security measures also ensure a higher compliance level with legal standards and regulations, and helps keep applications, infrastructures, data and brand reputations secure.

BlueVoyant delivers purpose-built cyber security services and platforms, which proactively defend business ecosystems of all sizes against threats by using large, real-time datasets with industry-leading analytics and technologies. The company also specializes in third-party cyber security or detecting and mitigating risks in vendors to which customers’ networks are connected. BlueVoyant’s threat intelligence data detects organizations’ most potent cyber security risks, while intuitive automations mitigate threats against their attack surface effectively and efficiently, providing the business and technical outcomes they need to stay secure and support business objectives.

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