TAG Distribuzione Partners with Threat Hunting Firm BrandShield to Bolster Its Renowned Cybersecurity Solutions

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BrandShield (LSE: BRSD), an online threat hunting company, and TAG Distribuzione, today announced a new partnership that adds BrandShield to TAG Distribuzione’s portfolio of solutions that help leading global brands fight cyber attacks from brand impersonators to marketing scams, fraudulent domain registrations, and phishing attacks.

With cyber attacks becoming increasingly advanced and complex, TAG Distribuzione offers a broad range of state-of-the-art cybersecurity services catered specifically for each of its customers, which range from large companies, to SMEs, to governments. TAG Distribuzione executes a ZERO TRUST approach that tailors solutions spanning from accurate training services to pre-sales support, marketing activities, and continued consultancy.

TAG Distribuzione’s management has roots in Israel, and its network and partnerships with the best anti-cybercrime software protect brands like Starbucks, Ford, Honeywell, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Given TAG’s full-life cycle approach and BrandShield’s success in stamping out the entire range of online threats, a partnership between the brands was a natural fit.

“We are very happy to include BrandShield’s cybersecurity solutions and technology in our portfolio, as this enhances our diverse offerings of innovative, Israeli cybersecurity solutions,” said Eylam Tamary, Co-Founder and CEO of TAG. “Partnering with BrandShield allows us to expand our services and safeguard more brands from potential threats, phishing and brand abuse.”

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BrandShield uses AI technology to comprehensively map, analyze, and classify threats like phishing websites, domain squatting, and fake accounts. BrandShield’s clustering technology fights covert online fraud, early-stage and future attacks, and ongoing low-level threats. BrandShield also removes dangers across web domains and social media, and protects companies against individuals fraudulently impersonating executives online.

The combination of human intelligence, which identifies evolving threats, and AI, which scales the firms’ responses, allows BrandShield to eliminate the potential for fraud on an ongoing basis across the full range of a firm’s online presence.

BrandShield’s holistic and full-life cycle approach aligns with TAG Distribuzione’s company-specific, customizable threat-protection philosophy. By partnering with BrandShield and distributing its AI-driven services in conjunction with TAG’s other cutting-edge offerings, the company emboldens its diverse array of security solutions that have been protecting brands, firms, and governments since 2015.

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